Arya YaraghSanat is the exclusive distributor of Manital brand in Iran. This Made-in-Italy brand producing mainly brass door handles, is honored to combine aesthetics with innovation and quality.


    Archie is one of the best brands in the world about innovation and hardware production, which born on 1990. The main focus of this brand is for electronic lock, entrance handle, luxury hardware and hotels.
    Arya Yaragh Sanat is the exclusive distributor of Archie brand in Iran


    Class was born in 1960 in Italy. The main reputation is for exclusive products, handicraft and brass material with innovation and creativity.
    Arya Yaragh Sanat is the exclusive distributor of Archie brand in Iran


    Arya Yaragh Sanat is honored to have started its activity with the brand HTN-Prime in Iran, and has been able to meet the demands of the customers in the field of construction hardware.  5 years guarantee of this brand is a privilege of our products quality from Arya Yaragh Sanat Co.

  • KMS

    KMS Company is the manufacture of cabinet accessories and furniture fittings including connecting screws, angle bracket for bed fittings, slides, etc.  KMS started its activity in 2002 in Turkey. Arya Yaragh Sanat Co., as the sole agent of KMS Company, will be honored to provide products with good quality and services to the customers.


    Emaks company is one of the famous companies in Turkey producing cabinet handles.  This company supplies its products to Iran through Arya Yaragh Sanat Co.


    Arya Yaragh Sanat is the exclusive agent of Wires International, L.T.D in Iran, providing the products with Fly Gard brand. This is one of the four major brands for aluminum and fiberglass wire mesh since 2008, the center of which is located in Bahrain, heart of the Persian Gulf.