The founders of Arya Yaragh Sanat Co. started their activity in 1983. After 21 years, the company was established in 2004 with the purpose of distribution of construction hardware (door handles, locks, window screen, and furniture fittings) under the trademarks: HTN- Prime, KMS and Flygard. With more than 700 shops, we have formed one of the biggest distribution networks in Iran.

We are proud of well-accordance with the international standards in order to improve the quality of our products. The infinite and unlimited nature of the quality makes us feel committed to not only keep this level of quality but also improve it steadily and fundamentally.

Aesthetics is one of the fundamental points in our trading unit. That’s why apart from visual perfection the customer will get the sense of flawlessness when touching the product.

Our main purpose has always been the customers’ full satisfaction by having true definition of the terms “supply” and “services”, and by being developed into a leading and efficient organization.

Arya Yaragh Sanat Co., as the only importer having the international certificates of quality management: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 10002:2004 (CRM) from (ITCC) England, and CE from European Union is honored to supply its products to the dear users with 5 Years Guarantee (UNCONDITIONAL). These certificates verify the honesty in our relationship with our customers.

With a systematic activity and customer–focused vision, Arya Yaragh Sanat Co. is pleased to hold a considerable position in the market, and owes all this to the efforts and efficiency of its team.